GREAT googly moogly it’s Friday.  You know what that means…  ahead of us lies 2 days of pure weekend.  Ya’ know, the good shit.  For some of you that means veggin’ out and playing XBOX and/or PS4 all day.  For others you may be headed to, or already at, a heady bo-beady festie.  Whatever the case.. you’re going to need some tunes to help take your weekend into maximum overdrive.  That’s right… it’s FREE MIX FRIDAY.  The mixes below are up for a freeeeee download.  Grab them now and then show the artists some lovin.

Pete Van W


Sleepy Tom


Dubloadz via SMOG Records



HOLY MOTHERFCK’er this track from Trolley Snatcha - Crossover is serious FCK’ing bidness.  It must be, look at ALL THE CAPITAL letters that I am using.  F’real tho.  There’s not enough adjectives or metaphors for me to throw at this beast.  It’s like trying to discribe how good pizza tastes, or how righteous a high five feels.  It… just is awesome. Hit play and hold the FCK on.  Then show Trolley Snatcha some thumbs on Facebook.


The 6th annual Bella Terra Festival is coming up on August 21st through the 24th, and the line up is absolutely stacked!  Conspirator, The Hieroglyphics, Papadosio, and Break Science are just a few of the top notch acts that will be bringing the heat all weekend.  FCK YES! was privy to join Bella Terra in 2012 and it was an absolute blast.  The entire festival is run like a high end watch.  Completely on point with cleanliness, sound, lighting, volunteers, vendors, and just little things that you would never think of.  Tickets are well worth the money and the festival is definitely worth your time.

Be on the look out for more write ups on Bella Terra as well as interviews with artists that you’ll see at the festie!  Don’t sleep on your ticket!  You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out.



If you know electro then you know OVERWERK.  This dude has been crushing dance floors for a minute, and this latest track will surely melt any face within ear shot.  Put this one on blast and let your neighbors in on the fun.  Now show OVERWERK some howdy-do’s on Facebook.



Do you know what day it is?  If you said HUMMMMMMMP DAY! you’re right.  You get a gold star.  BUT, it’s also the day that KRFTKDS dropped their latest track Thoughts… on a free download status!  KRFTKDS been tearing it up on the West Coast since for a minute now and have a BUNCH of original tracks and edits.  This latest track, Thoughts, has an uplifting french electro feel to it.  And, that just makes me FCK’ing happy.  Grab the track then show KRFTKDS some Facebook thumbs over here.